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Twenty in 20 Campaign


In the year 2020, we’re aiming to grow our endowment by $20,000. This will allow us to double the amount of scholarships our club can offer to area students every year from two to four -- and counting! We are asking everyone to donate one of three ways:

  • Big Blue: A one-time gift of $2,020

  • Orange: 10 recurring, monthly gifts of $20.20 = $202.00

  • Botta-Giver: A one-time gift of $20.20 

You can make your gift today or set up your recurring transaction at


Your gift is tax deductible to the extent allowable by law and counts toward membership in Auburn donor societies such as the Foy Society, Samford Society, and the 1856 Society. Additionally, donors who make give at varying levels will be eligible for the following donor benefits & privileges:

20n20 GNAC Donor Benefits - Version

You can also support the GNAC’s efforts by sponsoring an event, making an in-kind donation of products or services or volunteering at club functions - or most especially by championing our cause and efforts to interested fellow alumni. Please reach out if you are interested in learning more about these opportunities and how you can get involved. 


Thank you for your support and helping us make a difference to our area students and families.


War Eagle!

Evan Thomas

GNAC President


Mr. J. Mike Bishop ’74

Mrs. Suzanne Funk

Mr. Hakeem Lipscomb '14

Mr. Evan Thomas '07


Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Allen '07

Mr. James H. Banker, Sr. '67

Mrs. Kathleen B. Barrow '93

Mr. James Clayton Bittner '88

Mr. Kolby Hunter Browning '18

Mrs. Karen Sevin Bryan '99

Mrs. Lauren Arieux Bryan '05

Mr. Cameron Benjamin Burgess '06

Ms. Rachel Elizabeth Burns '15

Ms. Kristin Anne Burton '18

Dr. Sherryl A. Byrd

Ms. Virginia Caldwell '74

Mr. Joshua Kyle Chesser '06

Ms. Mary Carol Coleman '11

Ms. Victoria Elizabeth Cumbow '08

Mrs. Mary Byrne Dailey '06

Mr. Joseph Drain '13 and Mrs. Kelly Brosnan '13

Mr. Thomas M. Donnell Jr. '69

Ms. Mary Katharine Elizabeth Eoff '08

Ms. Sarah Elizabeth Hadzor '10

Ms. Lauren Elizabeth Gaines '13

Mr. Stephen W. Jones '92

Ms. Katherine Anne Justice '15

Ms. Katie Kirkwood

Col Douglas Edward Kreulen '80

Mrs. Deborah Abel Layman '74

Mr. Jay Adam Lurie '05

Ms. Amanda E. McPherson '01

Mrs. Stephanie Hart Murphy '90

Mrs. Laura Lynn Orlando '05

Mrs. Lindsay Johnson Parriott '05

Mrs. Stacey Carol Roberts '86

Ms. Martha Jane Sarratt '13

Ms. Megan Pauline Schneider '12

Mr. Kenneth P. Schultz '61

Mrs. Virginia Lee Scott '87

Ms. Kim Sewell

Ms. Eva Spielman '60

Ms. Amanda Denise Starnes '08

Ms. Nicole Michelle Stacy '08

Ms. Lynn Vincent

Ms. Katherine E. Walton '83

Mrs. Beth Wright '77

Dr. Melanie Moore Younger '75

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